May 17, 2008

Pontiac G6 Reliability and Safety


Because it is still a young model, long-term reliability information is not yet available for the Pontiac G6. However, Consumer Reports does state that so far, "reliability has been average."
However, preliminary reports indicate that there seems to be problems with the Panoramic sunroof option. It has been reportedly the cause of severe wind noise and in some cases may actually leak. For the Pontiac 2008 year model the option has been deleted.
Another issue is reported cases of batteries running flat. The problem has been, in some cases, traced to a faulty body control module that continues to draw current even when the vehicle is shut down.

Pontiac G6 Safety

The 2007 G6 received high marks from the NHTSA. For passenger front-impact crash tests and tests for rollover, the Pontiac G6 received 4-Star ratings, and for driver front-impact and all side-impact crash tests, it received the highest 5-Star rating. Some of the standard safety equipment found on all trim levels of the G6 includes:
- Front and rear anti-roll bars
- Driver/passenger front-impact airbags
- 1st/2nd row overhead airbags
- Occupancy sensors
- Side impact bars
- Ignition disable
- Security system


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